About – Chloe Compute

Chloe Compute is a specialised design studio focused on high-quality, native Apple Software Development. Our team comprises industry-leading experts with decades of award-winning experience in software and technology.

The name “Chloe Compute” combines elements from different origins. Drawing from the Greek roots of ‘Chloe,’ signifying natural beauty and vitality, Chloe Compute blends the essence of creativity with the precision of technology. The fusion of ‘Chloe’ with ‘Compute’ symbolises our commitment to harnessing computational expertise, resulting in creations that not only function seamlessly but also possess an innate elegance, reflecting the natural harmony found in both Greek mythology and cutting-edge technology.

Chloe Compute was founded in 2024 by Germanys’ top 10 most awarded developer & designer (FWA, ADC, Webby) and long time Apple whiz A. Rothaug with the vision of doing things differently. Together with an intimate team of friends and hand-picked international talent we life for the process of creative creation.